First I would like to do a great big shout out to Dr. Magnifico, Dr…

First I would like to do a great big shout out to Dr. Magnifico, Dr. Hubbard and all of the other vets along with her entire great and caring staff at JARRETTSVILLE VET on Norrisville Road!!! Each one has help me during some difficult times.

My daughter recently took her 2 year old bully mix to Jarrettsville Vet on a Sunday as her regular vet which is closer to her home was not open on Sundays. Dr. Magnifio took charge and again was wonderful. To make a somewhat long story short, Heidi was diagnosed with Addisons’ disease. It has now been about 5 weeks and the meds are not still what they need to be. The one blood level which indicates dehydration is still high and they keep slowly increasing her meds. Additionally, she has a a very bad frequent urination problem. She was removed off of predisone after maybe one or two weeks.

About one week ago, my daughter found what felt like a fatty tumor on her one side towards the back. Her vet aspirated it and blood was the only thing that came out. I was not there but my understanding was that they were not that concerned with it.

Well,now she has another larger lump between her shoulder blades. She is due for blood work again within the next week so she will have them check that one out too.

I want to be a good knowledgeable support person for my daughter and 2 grandchildren and it would help if I had a little information. Is there a relationship between Addison and growths or tumors? Is it a good thing that blood came from the aspiration or is that a bad thing. I just was to be prefer a little bit so any suggestions or ideas would be great apprciated.


Take care, Sandy

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Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Hello Sandy Many Thanks for the question and th very kind words. I dont think that there is an easy correlation between the masses and the Addison’s disease. But an aspirate of the masses can be performed and sent to a veterinary pathologist for cytologic evaluation. This can help identify the mass and hopefully also assist with a diagnosis. It is odd and somewhat concerning that so much is happening so quickly and I recommend a thorough evaluation and as many re-checks as it takes to make all of the pieces fit together. You may need additional diagnostics that include… Read more »

Krista Magnifico
7 years ago


I have been thinking about you guys? How is your daughters dog doing?

Krista Magnifico, DVM
Owner Jarrettsville Veterinary Center
Jarrettsville, MD

7 years ago


I will leave this question to the wonderful vets on Pawbly but wanted to commend you on wanting to be educated about Heidi’s health!

Wishing all the best for Heidi and your family.

-Margot Ahlquist (