My 5 y old, 12lb mini poodle has been having pretty bad RS fits for…

My 5 y old, 12lb mini poodle has been having pretty bad RS fits for 4 days now. They last up to a minute and a half and occur around 15 times a day. I took him to the vet yesterday but I feel he was misdiagnosed. The vet didn’t even so much as take Frankie’s temp. He literally walked in, pet Frank on the back and proceeded to tell me that my dog probably has nasal mites and that he would be prescribing Frank an antihistamine to be taken 3 x’s/day and Ivomec to be administered 1/week for 3 weeks. I don’t understand how a veterinarian can diagnose a patient without having done any testing?? The appointment lasted 8 minutes and I was charged $90. I had faith in the vet and went home. I noticed by 11PM Frankie’s symptoms weren’t getting any better. By 2AM I was awoken by his loud breathing. It was extremely labored. I opened every window in the room and cooled it down to 71°, yet his breathing remained fast and labored. I know he wasn’t panting because his mouth wasn’t open. His heart rate was 72 beats/min. I stayed up from 2 to 6 AM with him to comfort him, and the labored breathing gradually went away but the RS fits he’s been having today seem really bad. I checked his gums and they’re very, very pale compared to yesterday. He’s extremely lethargic and walks very slow, which is the complete opposite of his normal excited and energetic demeanor. He also hasn’t defected in over 2 days, or passed gas. I feel like this problem is much worse and needs to be looked into a lot further than a pet on the back. Im so frustrated that the vet that saw him yesterday was so un-thorough and seemed to be in a rush. I just want my little guy to feel okay again:(

What I’d like to know is, would anyone happen to know what this might be? From the research I’ve done, it seems like Frankie’s symptoms match up to either having a foreign object stuck in his nasal cavity or a respiratory infection. The medicine he’s currently taking for nasal mites clearly isn’t working….or will it take days for him to feel better? The vet told me that the reverse sneezing should stop “tonight” and that was yesterday.

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