Started him on raw 4 months ago, advice from holistic vet, helped clear up his…

Started him on raw 4 months ago, advice from holistic vet, helped clear up his severe itchy skin rash. He has been great on raw, we did salmon only (a blend with apple, pear, spinach, kale, carrot, kelp). Now that his skin is clear and hair growing back and doing well, we’ve been wanting to introduce other proteins. We’ve tried chicken, duck, rabbit, and kangaroo. Every time we try another protein, he gets itchy again or the red rash flares up, or his poops are yellow dry and crumbly and don’t go normal. The salmon seems to be the only thing working….problem is….I think he’s malnutritioned from being on just the 1 kind. He is always hungry. he gets fed twice daily, 4 oz each time, so 8 oz total when he’s only supposed to have 6 oz/day (12 lbs) so he’s getting more than enough food. But he’s very skinny, hasn’t gained weight since being on raw (and he’s a growing puppy, he should be bulking up a bit?), in fact he lost 3 lbs after switching to raw and hasn’t gained it back. He’s always scrounging trying to find food, or eating grass outside, if we go to a friends house.. he runs straight for their dogs food. I don’t know….just thinking he needs other proteins to sustain his diet, but they break out his skin. Thank you in advance!

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Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

Hi Laura, There  are tons of opinions on various feeding methods. I would say that if Oliver seems to do ok on the raw salmon blend, but is still skinny,,,,talk to your vet about upping the amount. Puppies usually need way more calories than adult dogs, so that should be adjusted so that he’s gaining weight and growing. Especially as a puppy. Why would you want to introduce other proteins if he’s doing so well as far as his coat goes? I would talk with your vet again about your concerns. Maybe you can add a suppliments to the diet?… Read more »

julie brader
5 years ago

I agree with Kelly, check for internal parasites first. Also is the raw diet formulated for puppies? Again as Kelly said puppies need more food or a puppy diet as they are growing. I’m a total convert to raw feeding myself, my two dogs do really well on it but make sure its top quality and a balanced diet with everything your puppy needs. If he does well on the salmon variety then I would keep him on it too. Good luck!