Is it safe to purchase a puppy that has puppy strangles? Are there long term…

Is it safe to purchase a puppy that has puppy strangles? Are there long term effects of puppy strangles?

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Cherie Goulet
5 years ago

I just went to the vet this morning and my 4.5 week old puppy was diagnosed with puppy strangles.  I read a comment that it could be a herreditary disease. This is untrue. My labs have an excellent bloodline. The vet said it is not hereditary nor is it any thing we caused. It simply means the puppy has an overactive immune system. This comes from two veterans opinions. I hope this helps.

Cherie G

Lula G
5 years ago

Hi Patricia, I am not a vet, just a puppy owner who just went through Juvenille Cellulitis.  I also had to decide if I wanted to take on a sick pup, of course I couldn’t walk away.  If you are already in love with the little guy, go for it!  It is true that the steroid is no picnic for the pup and does slow down the house training bit.  Also, due to the antibiotics most doc recommend (due to diminished immune system) there might be some gastro aftermath.  That all being said, it was worth the effort and my… Read more »

:Carmela Paniagua
4 years ago

I was told it was hereditary. One of the parents passed it on to the puppies. If one puppy has it in the litter then all of them have the gene. When they have puppies thosse puppies can have it. There is no test for this but couldn’t a puppy get tested for immundeficiency? So I guess it would be your choice. The breeder shoulc at least tell you what to exlpect since the onset begins at 3-4 weeks old the breeder should know.. But most don’t tell.

Christina Chambreau
5 years ago

I certainly agree with Kristen and Krista. I would also suggest you think about getting a puppy (or older dog) from the shelter or from a rescue group so you are saving a life.  If you do get this puppy, you may want to work with an integrative veterinarian for the best long term success. This is a person trained in many different approaches, including using conventional drugs only when absolutely needed. Working with one can increase the chance that your cherished companion can live a long and healthy life after recovering from this current problem. There are good ones and… Read more »

Kristen Vance
5 years ago

Hello. I personally would wait on purchasing a puppy with puppy strangles. It may be hereditary and is an immune system abnormality. Puppies can die from this condition if left untreated. While chances are good with a high dose of steroids that the puppy will survive I personally would not pay for a puppy until cleared by a vet. These cases require intensive management and good veterinary care.