my dog Rylee has been pooping in the house. like i will take him outside…

my dog Rylee has been pooping in the house. like i will take him outside before i leave to work he’ll go and then after i leave he’ll go poop. i make sure my parents take him out and he’ll always go pee outside but not poop. I kinda figure this is seperation anxiety because i adopted him as an adult from another family. he is 1 and a half years old now. i love him to death but really wish he would stop this behavior.

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2 years ago

Good morning?Sorry this is happening. First, are you sure he is completely finished when you take him out the first time. I’m asking, because we have a “double scooper” in our house. We go out for our walk- no matter which one during the entire day- and he poops right away. Then about 15-20 minutes later, he poops again. Every walk. Every time. Secondly, make sure you really clean AND neutralize the odor in the area where he has gone in the house to deter him from reusing that spot. Third, you may want to make a vet appointment to… Read more »

2 years ago

In addition to what Sarah said, I’d make sure you’re feeding meals twice a day rather than leaving the bowl out. Make sure you’re feeding the right amounts, and that the food you’re giving isn’t loaded with trash fillers like corn. Too much food and no scheduled food can lead to an unpredictable poop schedule.