My Jack Russell Terrier named Ollie(after the skateboard trick((since JRTs are known to jump really…

My Jack Russell Terrier named Ollie(after the skateboard trick((since JRTs are known to jump really high) short for Oliver))—I love him to death— is 14 and he has been incessantly licking his arms and paws every night. . . Tonight I came home to feed him his grain free cup of easy to digest dog food that he howls happily for, he ate and I read all of the ingredients on the label (all good). I went upstairs to change and while I was up there he was pestering my mom wanting me, so I come downstairs and he’s waiting with his famous rope toy, I of course get down and play with him the best I can getting creative and intimate, but he stopped twice in a 5 minute interval lick his joints. I said “that’s it”. And here I am asking what NSAIDs I should buy and give my beloved 22 lb Jack Russell. I can’t stand to see him uncomfortable or unspeakably in pain. The vet gave us some supplements that have like avocado oil and such in it, although he only can take the big chewable pill when I crush it up(finely) and mix it with peanut butter, but it’s a lot of pill to mix with PB. . . I really want some instant relief for him—the supplements will take a month or two to take effect and it’s just inconvinenent with my busy life. I will try harder but I need to emphasize that he is picky and he has gotten sick of the peanut butter in a matter of a few days . Please give some guiding advice at the soonest convenience on whatever day or night please and we thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.

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2 years ago

Good morning. Honestly, this is a discussion to have with your vet. Let them know your feelings about the supplements. Ask about allergy meds that could possibly help. Make sure that whatever supplements you plan on using won’t interact poorly with any Rx that your vet might prescribe. Good luck.

2 years ago

there are NO over the counter human NSAIDs that are considered truly safe for pets. you’ll need to take him in to the vet for this one.