My 11 year old Jack Russell has been coughing a few times daily for about…

My 11 year old Jack Russell has been coughing a few times daily for about a year now. Recently, after getting running a little he collapsed, rolled on his back and laid while we comforted him for about a minute, then he got up and just walked like it was nothing. Since then, less than a week, I’ve noticed he isnt interested in his food, but will eat wet food or people food but he has lost a lot of weight. He feels a little skinnier and he’s been breathing a little faster and just can’t seem to keep warm. He almost has a constant shiver unless he has a sweater on or wrapped in his blankets. We can’t afford to go get all of the blood work and test that will diagnose him but are we possibly looking at congestive heart failure or a collapsing trachea? If we have to go into even more debt to treat him or help him I will, but idk what to do. Hes been my best friend and side kick for 11 years and its killing me to see him suffer and not know what to do to help him…

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, I am sorry to hear about your dog. Based on he description you are giving I think that it might be one of the two things you suspect. I also suspect that with the cost of an examination your vet can help guide you to which it might more likely be. At my clinic the cost of an examination is about $50! Some clients can not afford diagnostics but most want to try to alleviate their pets discomfort and often we can provide medical therapies inexpensively. The fact that your dog is having such serious episodes warrants a trip… Read more »