I run with me dog just about every day and was wondering if my dog…

I run with me dog just about every day and was wondering if my dog should wear dog boots? She does not seem to mind the cold but we do run on roads that have been salted and did not know if that over time could hurt my dog’s paws.


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Sue Bona
5 years ago

Road salt can be very harmful to your dog’s feet and I’m not sure on this but would think it could cause other problems were she to lick it off her feet. I’d try to stay away from the salt as much as possible and wash her feet off when you come in. Boots would be ideal but you’d need to make sure they fit well and don’t rub. Depending on how far you run, I’d think there might be a potential for rubbing and causing a sore.

PK Dennis
5 years ago

As long as your dog’s feed are in good shape there is no need for booties.   To keep them in good shape: rinse the paws when you get home to remove salt.  I do this by using a small mixing bowl that is deep enough for the paw and my hand.  We do one paw at a time (dip, rub, dip) and then blot dry so water isn’t walking through the house. I keep the fur trimmed as Barks and Blooms mentions in that post, so that ice balls have a harder time getting started. If I see any… Read more »

5 years ago

There are a number of balms available to soften and protect sensitive doggie foot pads in the cold weather.  Bag Balm (created for cows) is a great one.  Before the walk, coat on dog’s pads.  After the walk, wipe (or even dip your dog’s feet) in warm water or use a washcloth.  Treat again with the balm. You may also want to keep the hair between the pads trimmed even with the pads so cut down on ice/snow balls forming during walks or runs. Dog booties are a great idea if your dog will stand it and they stay on.… Read more »