How to rid my petbof fleas I’ve taken him to the vet for pills and…

How to rid my petbof fleas I’ve taken him to the vet for pills and dipping hr still scratches til blood shows and bites himself til his mouth is full of fur

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5 years ago

first, you need to treat the dog.  he needs to be on a monthly flea preventative.  i would ask your vet what, exactly, works best in your area, and keep your dog on it year round.

second, you need to treat your house.  if he keeps picking up fleas, chances are they’re in the soft materials in your house.  treat the carpets, wash all linens.  you’ll probably have to do this 2-3 times to get all the fleas out.

Christina Chambreau
5 years ago

Definitely to rid animals of fleas you do need to treat all pets in the house AND the house and yard. Are you sure the problem is currently fleas?  Your pet may have sarcoptic mange or another type of skin condition. What state do you live in? Many people begin learning about holistic alternatives when the conventional ones do not work. Healthy pets actually do not get fleas, and are less likely to get other skin or health problems, so the first step is to check the 7 keys to health at my site. I also wrote a book on… Read more »

Jackie Gutshall
5 years ago

You also want to make sure when your treating your  dog that you are also treating any other animals in your home if you have any, and vacuum every day.