I have a lab/golden retriever that has a licking problem. He will lick people but…

I have a lab/golden retriever that has a licking problem. He will lick people but mostly when he lays down to relax or for bed he makes this mouth noise non stop. Is that normal;how do you stop it; is it something to be concerned about? It drives my boyfriend crazy. Thank you!

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Megan Tholin
3 years ago

Agree with above. Could be just a learned behavior, but my experience with labs/goldens, it could definitely be caused by some kind of allergy. Also watch out for hot spots!

Megan Tholin
3 years ago

Also, if it’s not medically related, you could try Bitter Apple spray to see if it deters him. (It’s never really worked for me, but I’ve heard it works for others)

Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

I have three primary rule outs for this:
1. Behavior- a doggie form of OCD
2. Chronic nausea, so I discuss diet, treats, other behaviors (like lip licking, grass eating), do a fecal exam and try a bland or gi diet and anti nausea medication,
3. Allergies cause dogs to chew and lick. Start with a good and safe flea medication applied as directed (frontline is a good choice and it is OTC).
Talk to your vet. If it’s annoying you can you imagine how annoying it is for your pup?
Let us know what happens.

Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Welcome Megan! So awesome to have you here! Many thanks for helping out with Pawbly!
?❤️? krista

3 years ago

Hi there? It sounds like it might be a learned behavior that has become a bad habit. One place to start curbing it is by redirecting your dog whenever this occurs, if possible. Is there something else that he enjoys? Like a nylabone or favorite chew toy. I would start having those type of things handy at all times, and whenever he starts the unwanted behavior, pause him, and redirect his attention to the more acceptable object. You also may want to check with your vet, just to make sure it isn’t the sign of another problem. I know one… Read more »