We rescued a 3.5 months old mixed breed street dog about 3 weeks ago, with…

We rescued a 3.5 months old mixed breed street dog about 3 weeks ago, with a slight limp in one of his hind legs. He had white rice-like worms dropping from his anus and was given mild dose dewormer for 3days. After that his health and energy improved greatly. In fact he was hyperactive and very playful. His limp was almost completely gone. Then, while playing around the garden, he got himself stuck in our grille gate and we had to twist and turn him for nearly 20mins to free him. He seemed absolutely fine after the ordeal and went about his business as usual. Then, quite suddenly, from the last 3 days he fell quiet. We noticed he was running a fever and he was feeling fatigued and weak. And although his stool and urine seemed normal, his appetite reduced. Since yesterday he stopped eating altogether and has become visibly weaker. We have given him med for reducing the fever and it has been checked. We also force fed him with oral rehydration solution and a homemade soupy mix of rice and chicken. He was not interested in the food at all but we fed him small portions with a syringe. Since last night he has been trying to shit but his hind legs have become too weak to support him. Plus we noticed that although he’s trying to shit, nothing is coming out. He hasnt urinated either. But he is visibly uncomfortable and whining a little from time to time, getting up and dragging himself about, trying to defecate. What should we do at this stage? And any idea why he suddenly fell ill? Please help.

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