I have rescued a kitten. It was a little weak from the beginning. It didn’t…

I have rescued a kitten. It was a little weak from the beginning. It didn’t show much interest in eating or drinking. However it has now completely stopped eating or drinking. I have fed the kitten an egg yolk and glucose solution today. However, it also has bloated belly. It is mostly swollen on one side especially. It has pooped four times in last two and half days. Last two time it was softer but not liquid. It also has vomited thrice today. It has now become very weak and not socializing. It is midnight at my place now. Any suggestion regarding what should be done would be helpful.

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carrie Urquhart
3 years ago

Might be too late for a response but, kittens who don’t eat are in bad shape. If it’s still a baby I would recommend first taking it to the vet, they can see if it’s intestinal parasites etc.. Keep the kitten warm, syringe feed kitten formula or goats milk. Their glucose can drop from not eating, and then it’s hard to maintain them. If you can force feed until a vet evaluates. All kittens have worms, but some are worse than others. Meow mix brand wet cat food is helpful when cats don’t want to eat, it smells really strong… Read more »

3 years ago

Hello- thank you for trying to help this kitten. I’m thinking that an X-ray will be needed. You’ve no other way of really knowing if there is some internal situation. If you have the means, I would get in to see a vet. Good luck.