I rescued a female pitbull approximately 8 months ago from a local shelter here in…

I rescued a female pitbull approximately 8 months ago from a local shelter here in Baltimore. Her name is Fiona and she is our third pitbull rescue. The shelter told us she was roughly 4 to 5 years old but that was just a guess. Our other 2 dogs are substantially younger and larger. Fiona has definitely started to slow down and recently she developed a little hitch/limp in her left rear leg. It seems when she would lay down for an extended period of time it would take her a little walking around before she would start to use it fully. This coincided with the temperature starting to drop outside. I started her on Cosequin DS plus MSM at the listed dosage. She has been on this for 4 to 5 weeks now and her rear leg seems to be improving as she does not limp anymore. I think she is still in pain though because whenever she decides to play with our younger larger dogs or run around she shows clear signs of discomfort and soreness over her entire body. When I first rescued her my girlfriend and I noticed that she walked with a little bit of a hunch in her lower back and we just though that was due to her build, but the more we watch her it does not seem like a natural stance. I wanted to know what this could be signs of and when I take her to the vet what tests I should have them perform or direct questions I should ask. I have definitely fallen victim to vets running superficial and unnecessary procedures just to increase the bill. I don’t have any good picture or video of her showing what I described, however if you would like I can get that for you. Thank you for your time and expertise, Fiona and I appreciate all your help.

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Kristen Vance
6 years ago

I am sorry this question somehow got missed. It would be appropriate at this point to take her for the vet to do an exam and at least an x-ray. It would also not hurt to test her for tickborne diseases like Lyme . I think you will find we are overall a very honest profession. If you do not trust that you are vet will be honest and do what is needed then you may want to think about going elsewhere.

Dr Kristen Vance
Homeward bound mobile vet