I have two nine month old sister puppies named Hammie and Nea. Hammie is housebroken…

I have two nine month old sister puppies named Hammie and Nea. Hammie is housebroken but for the life of me, I cannot get Nea on the same page. No matter how frequently I take them out, Nea rarely goes to the bathroom outside.

Instead, she’ll hold it for very long hours. I’ll try walking her and she still doesn’t go. I’ve tried both our backyard and front yard and get minimal results (she never used the bathroom in the front, just every great now and then in the back). I’ve tried both on-leash and off-leash; neither makes a difference. I also will stay with them when they’re outside. All Nea does is eat the weeds and grass and will lay down, or she’ll sit beside me. She never sniffs around.

Just this morning, I took them out very early, once at about 1:30 AM and again at about 3:15 I had gotten up to use the bathroom and they had gotten up with me so I figured I’d take them out). Both times, Nea did nothing. I’ve started to keep the dogs in my bedroom since I don’t have a cage for them and it helps with keeping an eye on them. However, after I returned to my room, I stayed up reading but with the door open for her to come in. Nea didn’t come in until about five to ten minutes later. After all three of us again went to bed, I got up again at about six to find she’d done both her business in the kitchen by the back door, which was a first. Usually she goes in the hallway by my door. At the time of writing this, she just did it yet again in the kitchen :/

I know some home remedies for cleaning the scent but what I really need help with is figuring out why she won’t go outside. Why is she holding it so long? I know some dogs won’t go in front of their owners (especially if they’ve been yelled at in the past and admittedly, she has been chastised about this behavior. I’ll tell her “bad girl; and she looks apologetic, but it too doesn’t change anything)and she has gone in front of me a few times recently and even when I’m not there, it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Even if I put her in the backyard (on a fifteen foot chain…she’ll escape otherwise) for an hour or so, she will still come inside instead and go there. No amount of gentle words of “go potty!”, praise or treats seem to help for when she does go outside…it’s just a matter of time of when she’ll do it again.

I’ve posted this issue to other forums so some advice would be really helpful. The alternative that the rest of my family is considering is getting rid of them; yes, not just Nea…if she goes, they’re going to get rid of Hammie too and Hammie is quite well-behaved.

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Diedra Cardamone
5 years ago

There are some great ways to help your dog learn how to use the bathroom outside. Take him (or her) outside the minute he gets up, after eating, after playing or sleeping and just before bed. Walking/exercising your dog can help and you can monitor if he has gone to the bathroom. Crate training is useful – dogs make it their space and don’t usually want to go to the bathroom there. When you are home tie him to your body so he can’t sneak away and go to the bathroom. When you take him outside use the same word… Read more »