Recovery post Pyometra surgery? I paid 2800 for vet services, long story short $680 was…

Recovery post Pyometra surgery? I paid 2800 for vet services, long story short $680 was the first visit where x-rays where. Completed, sent home with two antibiotics and a probiotic. Then received a call from the facility that a follow up ultrasound should be conducted due to possible Pyometra infection. Went the next day, it was confirmed and emergency surgery was perform today at 4pm and the dog was given back to us at 8pm, they said not to give anything until 5am tomorrow morning, and to continue the antibiotics that were given to use Initially before noted of Pyometra infection. My Question is; there is only about 6 days left on the antibiotics, they only gave us pain medications for 3 days, they said they gave the first dose but my dog is whimpering in pain. They said do not give pain meds until 5am. Looking now at the pain bottle there are 4 once daily pills, but they said they only gave us 3 days. My question is can I give her the extra pain pill(she is a 3.3lbs morkie) Bc I know pain pills depressed respiration’s and isn’t antibiotics for post surgery suppose to be for two weeks not only 5-6 days.

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

I agree with Sarah. And I wouldask you to add your pups story into our storyline page. If you go back to the main page you will see the tab at the top right. We are trying to encourage all Pawbly people to add their stories and charges so others might benefit from them. I hope your dog has a happy and healthy recovery. Thank you for sharing.

2 years ago

Good morning. I would call and request more antibiotics, explaining your concerns… as well as pain meds. I would not give “extra” pain meds, for fear of the dog’s reaction. I would call my vet first thing. They are the ones who know your pet’s situation best. You can have a discussion with them about recovery and follow up visit(s). Best of luck to you!