My 7 year old Chinese Shar Pei, Sabastian, was diagnosed with reactive histiocytosis about 4…

My 7 year old Chinese Shar Pei, Sabastian, was diagnosed with reactive histiocytosis about 4 months ago. Benign tumors have developed all over his body, but are the worst on his neck and chest area where they will bleed due to irritation of the skin. I clean the area as best I can daily but can never keep it clean. Any medication or ointment I put on it is rubbed off (onto my carpet) as well as causes loose particles (i.e. dust, loose hair) to stick to the area. I’ve tried all different types of clothing options but they always fall down within seconds. I also tried a soft e-collar in the reversed direction, but the tumors on his neck made it painful (he can’t wear collars anymore). Do you have any other suggestions or do you know any blogs on this specific skin disease? Because of the rareness of this disease I have yet to find people with experience with it (either as a vet or pet owner).

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Christina Chambreau
5 years ago

yunnan baiyao is a chinese herb that can stop bleeding, to help a bit for you. amazon and other places carry it. it can be used topically on any bleeding spots as well as internally, even long term (some dogs with splenic tumors have been on it for years).  The very best you can do is to work with an integrative veterinarian. This is a person trained in many different approaches, including using conventional drugs only when absolutely needed. Working with one can increase the chance that your cherished companion can live a long and healthy life after recovering from this… Read more »

Adam Wysocki
5 years ago

Hi Alisa,

I can’t help with your question, but I’m looking into the picture issue right now and I’ll have it fixed as soon as possible. I’m sure someone will log in shortly to help with an answer for you. If you have any other issues, please don’t hesitate to email me at


Amlee Roundfield
5 years ago

I read that you have tried dog clothing, but specifically have you tried cotton dog pajamas e.g.  I would spray with a calming spray (lavender spray), on the outside of the pj’s.   I might also put on top of the pj’s something like a Thundershirt or Mesh Dog Blanket ( to reduce anxiety. I would offer that you consider carefully the fabric and quality of the clothing, e.g. itch, soft, cotton, poly-blends, etc.  Lastly, I suggest a product that I have began using this month for my itchy, scratchy silky terrier (ironic) Vivamune Health Chews Joint + Skin +… Read more »