Do you recommend coconut oil as a supplement for dogs? What dosage if it…

Do you recommend coconut oil as a supplement for dogs? What dosage if it is recommended? Thanks

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Brent Harte
5 years ago

Coconut oil provides a broad spectrum of oils into the dog’s diet. The primary oils provide anti bacterial constituents into the skin cells. Bacteria in the dog’s skin is a trigger for conditions causing inflammation. Additional oils types found in coconut are known to help digestion. The research is primarily human based, for this reason owners may want to seek natural compounds dogs are known to be highly responsive to that target skin and digestion.

andrea Lee Roundfield
5 years ago

I’ve read some about the benefits of various oils; however, I favor olive oil. I’ve not ever come across proportions for either human or pet. So, for me a former healthy food fanatic,  I thinly coat the dry food with the oil. I have 3 dogs all small 13lbs, 10lbs and 8 lbs. They eat approximately 1/4 cup of food 2 times daily. The oil averages about 1/4 tsp. – which provides a thin coating on dry or additional to wet or any other food combination. 

Good luck.

Jana Rade
5 years ago

Coconut seems to provide specific benefits, particularly to promote gut health and skin health. I used it for Jasmine because of the gut benefits. I used only a teaspoon a day, though.

Christina Chambreau
5 years ago

There are many different supplement for dogs – just like for people. coconut oil is a good one. there are a number of good articles speaking of the benefits at the different magazines – one is at  If you do an article search there you will find a few more.  With most food supplements there is not a specific dose as each animal may do better with a little more or a little less. while the dose is a teaspoon per ten pounds, that could cause some loose stools, so I would start at 1/4 t per 20 pds and… Read more »