We have had her for 2 months and she is doing much better when it…

We have had her for 2 months and she is doing much better when it comes to allowing us to pet her and has even wagged her tail and given me kisses but she literally sits on a corner of the couch all day. She will now take treats from my hand which was a big step for her. She rarely will venture off the couch and into another room of the house. If she does it is just to look to see where I am and then she RUNS back to her spot on the couch. She will not eat, poop, pee or drink water in front of us so she will hold it all day if we happen to be home for the day and wait until we go to bed. I have a fenced yard and decided to see what her reaction would be to being outside. She ran while crouching low to the ground under our deck into the farthest corner possible and wouldn’t move. I had to crawl through the mud and spider webs to get her. She has never been on a leash and freaked out and tried to get free so I tried a harness and got pretty much the same reaction. She will pull on the leash to try and run and hide in a corner somewhere. I have had her wear a leash in the house to get used to it and she was fine until we try and bring her outdoors. Our entire living room carpet is lined with pee pads until we can figure out a way to get her to potty outside. We do not have any other pets. We did have 3 wonderful male poodles that our daughter grew up with but our last boy passed away in April at 18 years old. We weren’t planning to get another dog and then Ruby entered our life. She literally gets ZERO exercise and we so want her to enjoy walks & car rides so we can bring her along and spend lots of quality time with her but she is a couch potato with many fears and I just don’t know where to start. I don’t have any experience with this sort of thing. I have taken her to the vet for shots & had her spayed. The vet said she had Pyometra and had I waited another day she might not be with us today. She is on a great diet and got a clean bill of heath physically but mentally is a different story and I could really use some expert advice. Thanks!

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Jana Rade
5 years ago


check out Fearful Dogs FB page https://www.facebook.com/fearfuldogs?fref=ts 

and try to connect with Debbie. Things like this take time and a lot of patience.