I recently rescued a cocker spaniel. He’s so great! Loving his company. I have…

I recently rescued a cocker spaniel. He’s so great! Loving his company. I have a concern though. When I picked him up from the shelter he came down with kennel cough a few days later. He started an antibiotic yesterday for it. Now this morning he seems to be "shivering" a little bit. I’m concerned about this for a number of reasons I’m reading online that trembling could be a sign of distemper? Is it possible that The vet could have missed that? He was not Trembling when I brought him into the vet only after he started the Antibiotic Also I am concerned that maybe it’s a side effect from the anabiotic? Or the third thing it’s rather cold here in Buffalo New York maybe he’s just chilly? any ideas would greatly put my mind at ease thank you

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Kasey Litt
7 years ago

Jules- Congratulations on rescuing your beautiful boy! Shivering can be a sign of many things as your list above indicates. My first advice is to always consult your veterinarian. The symptom of shaking and trembling is when the distemper travels to the dogs brains. This would most likely be accompanied by serious lethargy and your boy would probably not be able to stand. Distemper is a horrible disease and can be passed dog to dog through urine, blood or saliva. The most common way for a dog to get distemper is from another dog with distemper sneezing on him, sharing… Read more »

Kasey Litt
7 years ago

PS I am not a vet and am not telling you it is distemper but whatever it is, your piece of mind will be settled once you see your vet again.

Kasey Litt
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