I recently read that peas in dog food aren’t really good for my pet. Seems…

I recently read that peas in dog food aren’t really good for my pet. Seems like everyday a new ingredient is advertised as either something to look for or something to avoid ! Are there some simple rules for choosing a qualify pet food ?

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Jana Rade
6 years ago

There is nothing wrong with peas as far as I know. As long as they are not the main ingredient. I use green peas in moderation for my dogs myself. One thing to note that peas are surprisingly high in carbohydrates.  As for selecting quality food for your dog, there is indeed an overwhelming number of products out there. Some simple rules I follow: – the closer to the original whole natural food the better – the less processed the better – named animal protein source as first ingredients Depending on how much you can afford and how much you… Read more »

Christina Chambreau
6 years ago

Dear Mary Ellen, I want to agree with everything Jana said.  The best rule for choosing a quality pet food is to make your own. One of the main challenges with processed pet foods is that the companies change owners frequently and the ingredients may change, or the source of the ingredients may be compromised without the label changing.  Also, the rules for labels make it very easy for companies to deceive you. Much more information is on the dog food adviser site. Some companies have had the same owners, and most likely will always have the same owners, like… Read more »

Kelly Furgason
6 years ago

I always just go with a commercially prepared dog food made in USA that has meat as a first ingredient. And if my dog likes it, and doesn’t get digestive issues from it, and has a heathy weight/ coat and clean bill of health from my vet then It works for me. There’s a lot of info out there and it can be overwhelming for sure. I just do the best with my budget and what my pets like to eat