I recently adopted a French Bulldog runt puppy (20th Oct). He had a distended belly…

I recently adopted a French Bulldog runt puppy (20th Oct). He had a distended belly, so we took him for the check-up with the Vet (11th December). The fecal test results for the parasitic infection was negative. We were told that the distended belly may go away as he grows old. He was dewormed at the time and got the first vaccination shot at the time. At the time we saw that he had few pimples in his skin, the Vet said it is normal, 4 days later, we are seeing a patches of hair missing from his skin where he had the dry pimples type of thing. His skin peells off with the hair coat. Day by day we are seeing more of these. Please refer to the pictures.

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

I would get a second opinion from a different vet. I would also discuss a fecal examination at a referral lab, skin scrape, bloodwork and an X-ray. Yor pup needs more attention than he is getting currently. I would be worried about Demodex, scabies, pyoderma, etc.

2 years ago

Good morning? Sorry you pup isn’t feeling 100%. It is hard to tell from pics…. I would call the vet back. Let them know about the changes and the loss of fur. There is a chance that it could be a skin parasite like ringworm or an infection of some kind. Good luck! Happy holidays ??

2 years ago

I would also be aware…if this is the true runt, and not just the smallest in the litter, he may have significant difficulties thriving. ABSOLUTELY stay on top of every medical issue with your vet.