My dog is an 18 month old old mix breed, 27 lbs. 3 weeks ago…

My dog is an 18 month old old mix breed, 27 lbs. 3 weeks ago he developed itchy bumps some small some bigger on mostly his abdomen and legs also a few on armpits and underside of his snout. I immediately bathed him in antibacterial soap and began giving him 25mg of Benadryl once a day and over a couple weeks it was slowly and surely getting better and while now most of the bumps are gone, the ones that remain are driving him crazy and tonight i came home to spots of hair missing from his tail he has chewed and scratches under the armpit. Upon further investigation I noticed a quarter sized lump on his abdomen close to his penis underneath two scabbed bumps.

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PK Dennis
5 years ago

I would have him checked for sarcoptic mites (sarcoptic mange).  Little bumps of yellow to clear fluid are some of the first signs, then they tend to disappear and the dog starts to itch.  It slowly spreads and the mites burrow under the skin and since the dog gets so itch he/she will eventually chew and scratch their fur off and cause infections in the skin.   It may be hard to find the mites, but the cure is pretty simple if you get to the vet before infections set in from the chewing/scratching.  Revolution applied on a strict schedule… Read more »

5 years ago

it’s REALLY hard to tell in that photo, but maybe it’s a bug bite?  i’m glad you’re going to the vet.  hope it’s minor. 🙂