We had a raccoon that tested positive in our back yard last Friday. All of…

We had a raccoon that tested positive in our back yard last Friday. All of our dogs are current on vaccinations and we brought them in for a booster on Monday. We have been talking with the health dept about the possibility of having our family (our 1,2 and 5 year old) vaccinated also. The health dept seems to be on the fence, they told me shots are better than death but then told me they didnt think we needed them because the risk was extremely low that we or the children would have actually gotten in contact with the saliva. The chain of events is yes the dogs had contact with the raccoon, they licked it and were touching it and that same day the dogs had contact with my children. My question of concern is that if the dog licked the saliva of the rabid raccoon and then licked my child in the face/mouth or the child touched the saliva covered ball and put it in their mouth, is there any risk that they now made contact with that rabid raccoons saliva. I know the virus dies very soon after the animal. I understand the dogs would have had to make contact within a 2 hour timeframe and also made the contact with my child in that short timeframe. The dogs do not have rabies or have not contracted them so their saliva is not my concern but the possible transfer of the rabid animals saliva via my dogs mouth to the child is where my question is. I know it may sound confusing or hopefully not but as a mother of 3 small children of course I am concerned about the well being of my children. I feel the health dept’s answer was very vague and I didn’t like that they are putting it in my lap as to whether or not I have my children get the vaccine series. I don’t feel that an answer of “shots over death” was appropriate to be followed up with “your risk is very low, 1in a million so you don’t have to get the shots”. If you have any helpful or reassuring information you can provide it would be greatly appreciated

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