I have a questions I forgot to ask Dr. Magnifico last night! My…

I have a questions I forgot to ask Dr. Magnifico last night! My 2 year old male yorkie has a microchip through a company that charges 25.00 a year to maintain. My new puppy, Piper, got a microchip that cost 25.00 and it’s activated forever. Can I just get Wrenley a new chip put in? I hate to sound cheap but it seems silly to pay to maintain a chip yearly when the cost of a forever chip is 25.00. Kristie

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Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

It is my understanding that the companies never delete or erase your info. They do charge to update it. Call the company ask to speak to a manager. Clarify and scrutinize. They make it sound like you have to pay. But I have never seen anyone’s info deleted or not accessible when needed. I’m happy to call for you too

1 year ago

^^ To echo that….Home Again will NOT delete your information. Renew your subscription if you have to change information, otherwise you can let it lapse.

1 year ago

Might I ask the brand of the “forever” chip?