I have several questions.

I was advised to feed my puppy Science Diet small…

I have several questions.

I was advised to feed my puppy Science Diet small breed puppy. Should I just use kiblle or should I mix it with soft food?

For an adult dog or puppy is it okay to feed it kibble mixed with cooked ground beef for its regular meals?

What do you think about Thundershirt for a dog who is generally fearful & anxious (not about thunder)? What about calming sprays or pheremones? Do any of these work?

What do you think of using Martingale collars?

Thank you!

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Jana Rade
7 years ago

Hi Denise Well, Science Diet would not be my first choice, whether kibble or can. If going with that, I’d consider the ingredients in the can foods more favorable. There are other brands, I’d prefer going with myself, such as Orijen. But I understand that the options out there can be overwhelming. Generally, I’d go with whatever is the most "natural" in both the ingredients and the amount of processing, while you need to look at balanced nutrition appropriate for your puppy’s breed. There are different requirements for small and large dogs. *** Any particular reason you want to be… Read more »

Kasey Litt
7 years ago

Hi Denise — First I would ask what kind of puppy do you have and are you noticing anything that is causing some concern? Science diet is a fine puppy food. For me, I look for high quality foods that are specific to my dogs. I have a Jackahuahua (Jack Russell/Chihuahua) who has gained a little weight so I have changed her food to a small dog diet food (we happen to be using Blue). I happen to feed my dogs only kibble but you can mix it with a soft food. We reserve soft food for sick dogs or… Read more »