Hi this question is for Krista, referring to her video called “Teaching a calm cat…

Hi this question is for Krista, referring to her video called “Teaching a calm cat to become a lap cat cuddle-bug.” I have a Flamepoint Siamese as of 2 weeks ago, he is 13 weeks old, and he is very snuggly, only when he is asleep. I took your advice last night around midnight and tried to going out of my way and force him to cuddle. He did not like it one bit, but after about 10 minutes of struggle (squirming, scruffing and play-biting – not biting hard) I got him to trust me and stop being in fear. I did the slow blink and got him to slow blink back. I gave him two treats after this. It was hard to get to this point, but I got him to sit still and be ok.

Today on the other hand, gave it a shot again after I got home from work. It didn’t happen. He cried and meowed and squirmed and bit (play biting again, no blood or anything) and after about 15 minutes I just stopped.

Any advice on how to proceed? I want to show him he can be held in safety and cuddled without fear so bad, I really want a cuddle bug cat but it seems like it’s going to be so hard. You mentioned maybe starting slower with a cat that spits/hisses/becomes dangerous. My guy has play-bitten, but no spitting/hissing. Thoughts?

By the way, don’t let him fool you. The pictures of him snuggling ONLY happens when he’s super super super sleepy.

Thanks Krista.


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Krista Magnifico

Hello, I’m sorry I answered this a while ago. But it seems to not be here. Again apologies. My advice is to understand and respect that every Cat is their own being. They each have their own personality. Some take time to relax and enjoy affection. Others just come to us cuddly. I think it might be helpful to understand who he is. And then work on adapting his personality to what yours is. My first guess is that you are trying to cuddle with a bored kitten. Please remember that kittens, especially solitary kittens, look to us as their… Read more »

Kate McKelvie

When he bites say “Ow!” and stop giving him attention. If he has no one to tussle with you can redirect him to a stuffed animal.
As to cuddling, he may calm down ans he matures past teen age kitten! This is a busy, active time for him. Hopefully he’s settling in better now!