Hi Dr. Magnifico! It’s Paula Hege from The Rein Coat. We just rescued…

Hi Dr. Magnifico! It’s Paula Hege from The Rein Coat. We just rescued another Great Dane, male, neutered. He is 2 years old. I was wondering how you feel about gastropexy being done at this age. I ask this since bloat is a common problem in Danes. I had Rein’s tummy done when she was spayed at 4-5 months old.

History on the new dog is sketchy at best. Owner said “Beau has stomach issues, diarrhea, and throws up a lot, etc.” He’s been with us for 12 days and everything has been perfect. Eating normally, bowels regular, no loose stools and has fit right into our routine. Zero nausea, diarrhea, constipation or any problems. He has been watched very, very closely. My guess is that his stomach issues, IF he had any, were anxiety related. Owner did state that Beau had severe separation and storm anxiety. He was correct about this – in a huge way! Of course we have a secret weapon for that — enter The Rein Coat. Separation anxiety and storm anxiety – solved.

All of that being said, it has been an easy transition for Beau. Our other 4 dogs have welcomed him, he’s eating/drinking normally and no sign of a bowel syndrome or anxiety related bowel problems. How do you feel about gastropexy – the pros and cons for a 2 year old having the procedure as a precaution against bloat?

I would appreciate your advice.

Thank you!
Paula Hege

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