I want to post a question about my cat. I was touched and encouraged to…

I want to post a question about my cat. I was touched and encouraged to find Dr. Magnifico’s blog as I am caring for my soon to be nineteen-year-old cat who has bone cancer in her right pelvis. She was diagnosed at the beginning of August and I have been fighting it and managing her pain with homeopathy (which I have studied for three years). I believe I have been managing her pain as she lays in relaxed postures, purrs, still “screeches” hungrily for breakfast in the morning (which has been liquid for a long time) and also “chirps” hello in the morning and when I come into the room. At times her muscles and body posture have become tense which I take as a sign of pain and adjust her medicine or give more and this always seems to work to bring her back to looking and acting comfortable.

Although the homeopathy appears to work for pain management, it has not stopped the progression of the cancer which at this point has impinged on her spinal column causing her to drag her right leg when hobbling and be unable to express her urine and bowel movements. I was taught by a veterinarian during my last visit to manually express her urine. When this doesn’t work, I just change the mattress pads in her bed. The problem is bowel which is stuck in her colon. The vet I took her to said the procedure to remove it manually would be too difficult on her and just encouraged me toward euthanasia. Her life force is still too strong for me to consider this.

The vet did tell me a week and a half ago that the piece of bowel stuck near the opening was about three inches long and suggested soap suds enemas and massage. I have been trying this twice a day with no results. The piece of bowel is wide at the opening and too long for me to reach in with a finger and guide it out complicated by the fact that I don’t really know what I am doing. Worrying about too many soap suds enemas, I have changed to coconut oil and water or just coconut oil.

I found this advice at https://www.handicappedpets.com/bowel-management-in-incontinent-pets/

Squeezing method
Making your dog poop on command squeezing method
Use your fingertips to gently press and feel the soft tissue in a circular area around the anus. By pressing on the soft tissue, you may feel something firm inside the rectum. Spread your thumb and forefinger about 1 1/2″ apart, lay them on either side of the rectum, press inward on the soft tissue a little, and grip the stool right through the skin. Now you’ve got a good amount of skin and soft tissue pinched between your fingers and in the center of it is a piece of stool. If you pinch harder, the stool will break off within the rectum and the anus will open at the same time, and it naturally begins to come out. The beauty of this is that usually the remaining stool moves forward into position and you can repeat the procedure. Repeat until there is nothing inside the soft tissue. One thing I try to be careful about is not pinching too hard. I read somewhere about damaging the mucosa lining the colon. I also don’t want to prolapse the rectum. I keep a box of kleenex on the expressing station, and each time a piece of stool drops, I drop a tissue over it, which reduces the odor. You may go through a lot of kleenex this way, but I feel it’s worth it.

Is this something that would be safe to try on her?

My other question is: she continues to eat three meals a day which are blended raw chicken with a lot of added water and also pumpkin. I think it has been six weeks since she had a bowel movement. This cannot be good and I’m afraid this is what will be life-threatening before the cancer. Am I correct?

Thank you so much,

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello! First she has to be emptied. In my opinion I would find a feline expert (call around or do a google search) to help you. I use warm water enemas and digital and abdominal palpation to break it up and move it. I also strongly recommend iv fluids for a few days to help stimulate the go tract and break up and soften the feces. Also it is imperative to understand if her disease process is the cause of the colons lack of motility. Of it is this is only a very temporary treatment and you will be back… Read more »