The mother had 4 blue puppies and 2 black. The 4 blue puppies started…

The mother had 4 blue puppies and 2 black. The 4 blue puppies started losing hair on their ears and back around 6 weeks. They were treated with a bacterial/fungus shampoo and the hair seems to be growing back. I spoke with the vet today and the strange thing is it was only the blue puppies that were affected with this. She said she did not believe it was an auto immune disorder and the scraping showed no mites. She also said she did not think it was color dilution alopecia, which isn’t usually seen in gsd dogs. She did say that the bacterial infection could come back and she also said the bacterial infection could be genetic, and I have never heard of this. Does this mean these blue puppies are inferior in some way? I have an older blue gsd and she is very strong, healthy and beautiful. Should I run from this puppy?

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5 years ago

serious questions: what has the breeder done with the dogs other than breed them?  do they hold any titles in anything?  registration with a kennel club is not a title.  this could be something like a Ch before the dog’s registered name, or CX after.  what has this person done to prove the dogs should be bred? what health testing has the breeder done prior to breeding?  GSDs are prone to some serious problems, and an ethical, responsible breeder would be testing for everything that might even remotely affect the breed. even without answers to these questions, there are a… Read more »