my puppy won’t eat , is vomiting, pooping , and is very very weak from…

my puppy won’t eat , is vomiting, pooping , and is very very weak from not eating . I don’t know how to help her and can’t afford a vet. please help

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Adam Wysocki
5 years ago

Your puppy needs to see a vet. Many, many veterinarians have ways to help people that need help financially. Call every vet you can and explain your situation, go see the first one that can work with you. Puppies go down hill very quickly, don’t wait.

Here is a link from the ASPCA with more information about veterinary care assistance:


Margrit Simons
5 years ago

Hi Kaily;
I totally agree with Dr. Krista (as usual). If you can not find the help of a Vet very soon, then please donate your puppy to the Humane Society and save his life! You would grieve, but it is the right thing to do! Good luck!

Anna K
5 years ago

Looks like parvo.
I’ve elaborated on parvo home treatment in my previous comments. It’s doable to handle it at home, but it is both time- and nerve-consuming.
I’ve saved 2 of my dogs from parvo at home. The third was in the hospital. She came back with bloody dirrhea, vomitting, with severe fungal infection, flea infested, weak, skeleton-skinny, malnourished. My other dogs felt and looked much better than she did after hospital treatment.