I have a 14 week old Biewer pup, and I plan to crate train, and…

I have a 14 week old Biewer pup, and I plan to crate train, and getting him familiar with the crate, I tried to take it slow, and the puppy pooped on and in my bed the past few nights. I don’t know what to do when he isn’t ready for the crate overnight and the pooping in bed when I’m sleeping. I’ve been taking him out constantly, and had 2 accidents over past 3 days while I was awake, and then the pooping while I’m sleeping.

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PK Dennis
5 years ago

You are confusing the puppy by allowing him to sleep in your bed. You need to buy a good book and read it — then follow the information in that book.  A good one is Before & After Getting Your Puppy by Ian Dunbar. Set up that crate, then close the door with the puppy outside.  Drop really good treats into the back of the crate.  Let the puppy see and smell the treats.  Encourage him to try and get into the crate.  When he is digging at the door and sides to get into the teats, open the door… Read more »