I just got a knew puppy her name is Kara and she is mean. …

I just got a knew puppy her name is Kara and she is mean. I know she’s a puppy, and she wants to play, but she plays way to ruff. She’s a chow/lab mix. Any tips?

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PK Dennis
5 years ago

Don’t think of her as mean!  She is just playing the way she did with her littermates, she doesn’t know that she can’t play the same way with humans.  It is your job to teach her.  Puppy Kindergarten will help you understand how to teach her the right things. But if you can’t afford that, when she hurts you — yelp loudly to let her know she hurt you!  And then stop playing with her — just as Laura M. recommended.  Just turn your back or walk away.  Making the play stop lets her know that when she hurts you… Read more »

5 years ago

i doubt she’s mean.  puppies don’t understand boundaries…it’s your job to teach her!  i would find a puppy kindergarten class and get her in – the trainers should be able to help you.

in the interim, if she gets too amped up, stop all play…especially if she’s biting you.  turn around and remove yourself from play – she’s excited to play, and your attention rewards all behavior.  removing your attention tells her this isn’t something she should be doing. 

do remember, though, that this will take time and patience.  she’s a baby, she really doesn’t understand ANYTHING yet.

Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

Definately get her into a puppy training/obediance class, time for her and you to learn together how to be a happy team!!