Hi my puppy is 3 months old (silver Lab) , since I have had…

Hi my puppy is 3 months old (silver Lab) , since I have had him he has had diarrhea, then started with the blood, I took him to the vet and they gave him Metronidazole, that stopped the problem untill the medication was over then it started back up, this time with blood diarrhea and vomiting. It was late at night when I got worried he was not being his normal self, I took him to the emergency, the did xrays and said he had a sandy sustenance in his lower intestine, they diagnosed him with Giardina, gave up more medication of the Metron and a white liquid, after the meds were over the Diarrhea and blood started again, the vet gave me more Metron, we are now into day 2 of being done with the meds and the diarrhea has returned with the blood, I dont know what else to do, Ive read about a med called panacur, will that help, what is wrong with my puppy?

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7 years ago

Kayla, I have no advice for you, just keep up your diligence and get a second opinion if the vet you’ve chosen isn’t finding a solution.
Please know that all of us here are thinking about you and your sweet pup. Please keep us updated!