I recently brought home my 8 week old French Bulldog puppy. She has been with…

I recently brought home my 8 week old French Bulldog puppy. She has been with us for 6 very sleepless nights now.
For the first night, we put her in her crate next to our bed and she went crazy, so we moved the crate into the lounge. She howled for about 30 minutes before I went in and found she had pooped everywhere, so I let her sleep on her bed on the floor.
The next day we got a pen as we thought she might be okay with more space, but she hates that too!

Even if you are in the same room as her she will cry and cry. I am trying all the techniques I can find to try and accustom her to being alone.

I’ve put her crate back next to my bed for the past few nights but the only way she will sleep is if my arm is hanging off the side of the bed.
She wakes me up in the night crying if I have moved it in my sleep and only stops if I put my arm in front of the crate.

Her need to be close to me is so intense, even just sitting in the lounge during the day, she will only sleep on her bed if my foot is in it, other wise she cries to be picked up.

Any tips on how I can help my puppy face separation will be much appreciated.

(Just to add, we live in a ground floor flat with people beside and above us and she is just too loud for us to leave her to cry it out ‘cold turkey’ through the night).

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tala Fitzpatrick
5 years ago

the initial first period can be hard but it is crucial that the puppy knows boundaries and it is safe. crate training is really important initially.  you need to make the crate like a wolf den and this is what they feel really safe with and creating a safe, comfortable den for your dog, inside your own home.  Choose the right indoor kennel for your dog’s needs, Locate the kennel in a place they will be comfortable in, e,g, where you spend the majority of the time, Introduce your dog gradually and don’t force him/her into it,  Always make sure… Read more »

julie brader
5 years ago

Hi Sophia, I’m sure the last answer gave you some useful tips. However it seems you need more practical advice. It is a good idea to get a kong and fill it with something tasty your puppy will be safe with and give her it at bedtime. She will soon click on kong equals bedtime. Also covering her cage and making it into a den is a good idea she will feel more secure in there. The longer you carry on getting up to her, letting her know you are there ect the harder this is going to be. All… Read more »