I have a 6 month old pup and he started pooping black tar like diarrhea…

I have a 6 month old pup and he started pooping black tar like diarrhea the other day i thought it might be worms because he has had worms a few months ago but this time his urine was an orange juice color and a little thick as well also he threw up once and then the next night he had a seizure loss of appittite but drinking lots of water. very tired all the time and a bit weak from not eating I was finally able to get him to eat a small amount of chicken (boneless) now after a couple of days his poop is a bit lighter but still mostly bloody diarrhea and his urine is now back to normal but he has lost a bit of weight these last few days could you tell me if he will get better we live out in the country and it is quite a trip to the vet

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5 years ago

this puppy needs to be your priority.  get him to the vet immediately…please.  you’re prolonging this by keeping him from help.

Kaz Kallin
5 years ago

Do anything you can to get him to a vet. any time a puppy is having diarrhea we worry about dehydration, and dark tarry stool can also be a sign of a gasto intestinal bleed. Has he had any vaccines? I worry about parvis which is definitely life threatening