I just got a puppy around 2 days ago, Her name is Milan. She’s around…

I just got a puppy around 2 days ago, Her name is Milan. She’s around 7-8 weeks old, and I got her from a private home.
She is a Staffy x Blue heeler x Kelpie, the issue I’m having with her is that she is VERY clingy and has LOTS of anxiety. Do you have any suggestions for me?

She has been in my home with me for around 2 and a half days.
When I leave home she cries for hours (I was told by my house-mate) and when I am home she follows me around EVERYWHERE, if I go into a room and close the door or if i go into a room and she cant see me she will sit there and cry for me and will go on for ages. sometimes even gets to the point of crying at my feet for me to pick her up so she can cuddle into me or lays on my feet and falls asleep. I also have her in a box with blankets next to my bed (for the first weeks) and she won’t fall asleep unless she can see me or unless I have my hand in the box so she knows I’m there. I have tried a few things but as she is so young I’m worried if she cries too much she could go into an anxiety attack?.
She also shakes a lot and I’m wondering if it is cause she is scared or just cold?


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