I posted a question like this a while ago, but didn’t know I could add…

I posted a question like this a while ago, but didn’t know I could add more details.
Okay, so I recently bought a new puppy, and he’s great. He’s still young so I understand that he’s beginning to teeth, and is still going to cause typical puppy troubles. I still would like some tips on how I should go about these things though. He doesn’t eat much, including treats, so training him with the use of treats doesn’t go well. He doesn’t like his crate, and cries whenever I leave the room, and ends up screaming and growling. The slightest bit of movement from me, and he’ll hop up and come over, completely forgetting about his toy or whatever he was doing. He climbs on top of his crate and bites the sides. He does enjoy his toys though. Play biting gets kinda rough sometimes, and ‘No’ doesn’t work on him. I try to redirect his biting to a toy, but he just comes right back. I do ignore him when he cries in his crate, and only let him out when quiet, but he’s cries are hard to manage. I can’t walk him because he still needs a few more shots so I don’t want to take the risk. He walks away from his food bowl if I’m not right there, and this troubles me. Even though he’s always following me and right behind me, whenever I try to pet him he squirms, and bites/play bites. I don’t know if he’s afraid of my hand, even though I don’t move it too suddenly, or if he just sees it as a toy. What should I do?

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5 years ago

does he really like toys?  i mean REALLY like toys?  some dogs are highly toy driven rather than food driven, and that can work just like treating.  i’d consider stepping up the treat quality and use real chicken, real steak, real hot dogs, etc. just to make sure it’s not a distaste for the mass-produced crap you can get at the pet store. i answered your crate and biting concerns in your other question. i understand the cries are hard to manage – seriously, i do.  i had a puppy we simply could not crate.  his problems were medically-related, though… Read more »

5 years ago

something else that may be worth your while: look into a puppy kindergarten. this is for puppies who have been vaccinated, and it’s part basic training and part playtime. it’ll help both of you!