I have a beagle that will be a year old next month. I walk her…

I have a beagle that will be a year old next month. I walk her very day, and she is only in her crate about 3hrs during the day, but chooses to sleep in at night. She acts like she has adhd sometimes, going from here to there and chewing everything. From ruining a tv to buying over 10 pairs of headphones and shoes, I’m just not sure what to do anymore. I keep everything out of her reach or so I thought, but it’s lIke I can’t keep her entertained enough. I can’t change me or my husband’s work schedule so we work what we work. Our 5 year old dog tolerates her, but she just never wears out. Am I looking at typical puppy problems or anything else? Please help

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Liz Edwards
5 years ago

How many times does she get walked per day? How many toys does she have to stimulate her? Have you enrolled in obedience classes?

5 years ago

she’s a puppy.  puppies are NUTS.  you need to work on training her every day…and i agree with Liz, she probably needs more exercise, too.

but work on the mental work.  a bored, tired puppy is just as destructive as a bored puppy with little to no physical work.