Our pup keeps catching his front dew claw while playing. He is over 7…

Our pup keeps catching his front dew claw while playing. He is over 7 (dont know exact age because he is a rescue) so i was told be can no longer get them removed because the joint is established. Which i completely understand but this continues to happen every couple months! Any advice here? We try & keep the nail cut short to decrease the chance of it catching. He just loves to play so much! We hate when he cant play for over a week to allow his claw to heal, he gets so sad 🙁

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Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Hello Jenn, Thanks for your question! I think that you mean that your pup is 7 YEARS? old? But even if you were talking about 7 months old, I would still not recommend removing a normal articulated dew claw. Dewclaws can be, and often are, removed when a puppy is about 3 DAYS old. At this time it is a very quick procedure and is only mildly painful for just a few seconds. Most breeders arrange this procedure with their veterinarian as soon as the babies are born because it has to be done in such a narrow time frame.… Read more »

Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Hello Jenn, I am glad that the blog helped,,and please know that you and Max are not alone in battling to get nails trimmed..I think it is one of the most stressful things that dogs fear more than all other things combined..I really don’t know of any dogs that we CANNOT vaccinate BUT I know of dozens that we can’t trim nails. I am at the clinic most Tuesday’s and Thursday evenings..most Sundays (although they get a bit crazy and are usually not the best time to give demos), but I would be happy to give you some pointers on… Read more »