So I have a prong collar on my dog and it slips farther down his…

So I have a prong collar on my dog and it slips farther down his neck than I like it to. It’s supposed to stay at the top of his neck but his neck is just the same size all the way down and there’s not enough fur to keep it where it’s supposed to be. Any ideas or fixes?

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3 years ago

Smaller links are USUALLY a better idea. Make sure it’s a Herm Sprenger – cheaper collars break easier. ALSO please make sure you’re attaching your leash to that and a backup collar that doesn’t hold your dog’s tags (so your dog will be wearing 3 collars).

3 years ago

HI there, You may want to invest in a different type of collar. If you’re using this for training purposes, I would talk to the trainer you are working with. (I have to be honest, I am not a fan of prong collars.) whichever type of collar you do use for training, be sure that you are also holding the leash in the proper position so the collar can do it’s job. Again, the trainer you work with can assist you. If you are not working with a trainer, you may want to invest in at least a sort of… Read more »