Princess is 7 months old she’s a Maltese and a big part of mine…

Princess is 7 months old she’s a Maltese and a big part of mine and my son’s life. Princess really needs testing and treatment done ASAP! She’s not eating she has pyometra and If its not taken care of soon, princesd could be looking at dangerous health complications.

I don’t have the funds for it all! I’ve tooken her twice to the vet but this time am all out of funds but I found a non profit that helps raise money for animals. ALL OF THE MONEY GET PAID DIRECTLY TO THE VET through this 3rd party organization.

Princess in so much pain. And she’s lost so much waight and she’s so week I don’t want to lose my princess my son and I would be heart broken if this happens. My son comes home from school every day asking me are we going to lose princess i tell him no that am going to do everything i can for that not to happen

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

We wish you all the best. We are a place for asking advice and sharing stories. If you would like to add information about your pet we can do our best to help. We do not offer financial assistance. I hope your pup is okay.