My 10 pound chihuahua was spayed 13 days ago and she has had a rough…

My 10 pound chihuahua was spayed 13 days ago and she has had a rough time. 6 days after she was spayed I noticed she was leaking a light red fluid so I took her into the emergency clinic and had her looked at for an infection. The vet gave her some antibiotics and said not to worry too much. I gave her the antibiotics for the 5 days and she seemed to respond very well and was not in any pain. I kept the cone on the passed two weeks as well. It is now day 13 and her stitches appear swollen and tight, and she has had a large lump where her incision site is. I am taking her in to the vet tomorrow morning to get her stitches removed, but I am concerned her stitches might be infected or she is having a bad reaction to them. They were not red until yesterday. She is very active and does not seem in any pain, I touched the area and it does not seem to bother her. It looks like there are three stitches, is it normal for it to look tight and swollen just before they get taken out?

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

It is normal to have scar tissue at the incision site. This often looks like a swollen area with tension and contracture. So yes. Most of this sounds normal. Your vet can help you. Ask to speak with them when you get the stitches removed. Good luck. Thanks for having her spayed.

2 years ago

Seeing as you already have an appointment this morning, I am hoping they will look closely at het incision. Please mention your concerns with them. Mention the ER visit and the course of antibiotics as well as the reason for them- the lump. Good luck!