We got our pot belly pig at about 2 months of age we have bee…

We got our pot belly pig at about 2 months of age we have bee using a pet carrier at night he has done great, he stays outside in the day time and comes in a night this has been sense day one, never one accident we got him netured at about 41/2 months and he has been peeing in his pet carrier about a week after, so took some urine to the vet and found out he had crystals in his urine was put on an antibotic, but he still pees at night we have tried taking him out doing the night and this is not working either, he really likes coming in at night, but we are really getting tired of this, please give any advice to what to do to help cash out!!thank so much!!!!

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Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Hello, I have a pot bellied pig also! But I have to admit right off that I have always had a rescued outside pig, so I do not have any real experience with inside pig potty habits. When I find crystals in urine it is very important to know which kind of crystals they are, how they formed, whether they are dissolvable, and whether the antibiotic was the correct one to use AND whether it was used long enough. Many people incorrectly think that crystals signify infection, but sometimes they signify a stone in the bladder (some need to be… Read more »