my 3 months old afghan kocchi statred vomiting yellow foam n seized to eat last…

my 3 months old afghan kocchi statred vomiting yellow foam n seized to eat last sunday 10 may 2015 i gave him anti-emetic (being a human medical student) but it was of no use, i took him to a local vet on monday he gave him anti emetic and anti-fever but still puppy didn’t recovered, Puppy didn’t pass stool since saturday and then on monday after vets visit he passed a very small amount of stool containing mucous and a strip of red blood latter his vomit also contained streak of blood, so on monday evening we rushed to well reputed vet care center and they diagnosed him parvo.. (Though i still doubt n think it wasn’t parvo) they gave him I/V support 2 times a day till friday morning. Oreo was recovering but still not passing stool so the vet administered him castor oil, after that he passed a loose watery brownish stool with streaks of blood and a “long white round worm”.. i asked the vet if he can de-worm him but the vet said he’s too weak to tolerate it… Oreo has recovered much, he has started taking oral diet since friday i started giving him Ensure, cerelac, milk & bread initially then boiled egg n now i soak bread in egg milk and a bit of salt bake the bread n he enjoys eating it,his stool is greenish but of normal consistency and he can pass it with ease having no pain Now the problem is that he cant sit or stand on his own he struggles to sit but fails and cry, once i help him stand he walks on his own to go backyard to pee n pass stool but again sitting back n lying is painful n he screams .. his hind limbs appears to b weaker than before, he use to jump n greet every family member entering the house but now he only wags his tail to show affection 🙁 what shall i do kindly guide me lately i’ve started giving him dogs packed food of chicken & egg flavor, what can i add to his diet to help him regain his health? i shall be very grateful for ur kind guidance.. looking forward to ur response

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