My dog is about 16 months old we absolutely love him but he is really…

My dog is about 16 months old we absolutely love him but he is really annoying!! I usually keep my dogs in the basement because I have both crates there and I usually hang out in the basement. Anytime someone comes home Benzo barks his life away its really annoying! He has this horrible snobby attitude (that’s the best way to describe it) I can tell him “go downstairs” He will stare at me for 5 seconds and take only one step and lay down. I will repeat myself 5 times and he will go down a couple more until he finally reaches the bottom and as soon as I turn my head he runs up the stairs again. He drives me nuts its like having a bad toddler!! I really try to keep both my dogs off the leash during walks because there is never anybody there and we have a nice pond located at the back of our house that connects in a big circle for all the homes to enjoy. I can never leave him without a leash!! He never listens, he doesn’t come back. My boxer mix is always by my side with her guard up paying attention to where I am. Benzo is a piece of work.. He gets into bushes, chases random wild rabbits, and pees wherever he feels like it. Im starting to think I need a behaviourist for this trouble maker.

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5 years ago

how much time do you invest in training this young dog?  he sounds BORED.  plus he’s too young to be off-lead.