My 11 yo mini poodle is diabetic and blind for a little over a year…

My 11 yo mini poodle is diabetic and blind for a little over a year. We’ve been giving him his insulin shots for the same amount of time – twice daily. Recently, he’s been very sensitive and pries away or yelps a little when I give him his shot. I am now anxious about going near him because I’m afraid of hurting him. I’ve tried to alternate his injection sites but he still does not like it. I’m going to visit our vet again and see if he can give me a reference site for injecting him. I would like to know if it’s very common for dogs to experience this after a year or more of being injected and how do other dog owners overcome this anxiety.

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Laura Kyle
3 years ago

We always recommend giving the injections around the shoulders/ dorsal neck area and rotating sites. Pets seem to be less sensitive in that area. I can’t say I’ve personally seen animals become sensitive to injections after long term use, but anything is possible. More so I have seen pets anticipate treatments and therefore become reactive. My suggestion would be to change up the routine a bit and see if that helps. Lift him on a table or bed to give him the injection, feed him a few extra treats in the process, and try to be as matter of fact… Read more »