My Mini poodle had his 10 year old bday. In March he was diagnosed with…

My Mini poodle had his 10 year old bday. In March he was diagnosed with cushings disease and diabetes. His health went downhill and we were both beyond shocked of the sudden impact these conditions took over his health. He’s on insulin twice a day, medication for the Cushings and his dietary meals has changed. After 3 intense, petrifying, and overwhelming months, I am thrilled to say pet’s blood sugar and endocrine levels are stable. I wanted to tell people who are dealing with these two horrible diseases – NOT to give up on your pet. My dog is blind because he developed cataracts from the diabetes and he’s acclimated extremely well. Be patient !!!!! As Dr. Kristin said in one of her blogs – it’s a manageable disease – be patient with our pet, and learn as much as we can about each disease. I wanted to thank you Dr. Kristin because for a brief moment – I almost gave up on him -?- ( I was petrified and so was he after sudden onset of blindness) but reading your blog gave me hope ! ? “Sam” and I are doing really well – blind and all he manages to greet me at the door when I come home ! Thank you ? Dr Kristin !

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Krista Magnifico
4 years ago

Hello Martha and Sam! I am so glad to hear about Sams recovery and your courage in getting through two tough diseases. I know how scary and overwhelming it can feel as you ask yourself the myriad of questions that caring and treating a pet requires. It is a process. Sometimes painful and often expensive but it reminds us who we are and why fighting and protecting the lives of those we care about is so vital to being a compassionate and dedicated pet parent. I wish you and Sam many more happy days ahead. Be well and we will… Read more »