Hi, I have a pomerian mix, about 15 lbs,, and I am having…

Hi, I have a pomerian mix, about 15 lbs,, and I am having a terrible time getting him to eat. I feed him Royal Canine which he usually eats late at night when nothing else is offered. I have spent a lot of money trying different foods, treats, toppings for his food and table food. He has had two bouts with pancreatitis this year, so I am trying to limit table food and treats. I am at my wits end. What else can I do? Dr. Magnifico is Bond’s vet, so is familiar with him. Thank you for any suggestions.

Karen Chavis

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

When I get to the clinic tomorrow I will pull up all of his info. So I can give you a better detailed answer. ?❤️?

Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello! I think that lots and lots of small breed indoor pampered pups get picky. Part of it is that they have a small stomach, lots of leasure time and the other factors are an indoor comfortable life without stress or worry and doting parents who often spoil them with table scraps. They just lose interest in boring dog food and are able to be choosey about the food they do eat. Try to discourage table food if they are already picky eaters. Try to encourage exercise and play and try to stick to a good nutritious diet as the… Read more »

2 years ago

Good morning. IM no expert, but one of our dogs is super picky from time to time. I have gotten to making boiled chicken and rice for home when he gets this way, and it seems to do the trick. He starts eating normally again after a few meals and then will eat his kibble regularly. Hope this helps.