We have a polydactyl rescue kitten that was abandoned by it’s mother. She is…

We have a polydactyl rescue kitten that was abandoned by it’s mother. She is doing great. Litter box trained the first day. Formula and hard kitty good. Gaining weight and growing. Four Weeks old now and is very active. She climbs things and jumps from pretty high furniture, plays and runs. But she gets pretty wild at night. She plays more when we interact with her. But we can’t always be with her. We have an older dog. So we keep the kitten in the basement for now, away from the dog. We don’t want to bring them together until she is a little bigger and older (only one pound).

My question is, will she be ok by herself for a while? Or should we get her another kitten companion to play with and keep her company? We spend time with her. In fact, my wife and I take turns sleeping in the basement with her. But that is the time she gets very active and aggressive and it’s hard to sleep. I would prefer not to get another kitten for several reasons. But if it’s best for her (Hadley), then that’s what I will do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Bill (Hadley dad).

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Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Hello Bill, Many thanks for your question! There are a few things to talk about. First, many cats are more active at night. And many kittens are just plain hyper active all of the time..they play until they need to take a catnap and then they rest just long enough to re-energize and get up and tear it up again. I am usually not very worried about older dogs and smaller kittens. If your dog is not aggressive or actively challenging the kitten they will likely be OK. Those kittens with their claws do a fine job of fending off… Read more »