My dog was out in the garden last night with my family, a few friends…

My dog was out in the garden last night with my family, a few friends of my family’s and a family friends pet. This morning we found she had thrown up and was taking short frequent breaths and shaking. She is still doing this but not as badly. She is not herself. She doesn’t want to do anything at all, will not eat her food and is currently laid on the floor.

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Jana Rade
5 years ago

Heatstroke wouldn’t last over night to happen. If it was heatstroke, it would happen immediately after exposure to heat, particularly when combined with exercise … if she spent the night in the house and had no issues until the morning, I can’t see how that would be heatstroke. Poison of sorts or other emergency situation seems more likely to me. I’d load her up and be on the way to a vet.

5 years ago

this is a possible emergency.  she could have eaten something or been bit by something.  please take her in now.

5 years ago

i’m glad you called the vet. definitely get her cooled down!